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Good Girl Awards

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Good Girl

To My Mother Trudene Robinson.

 Trudene Robinson  was resilient and she believed in serving others in her community.
She had a small pantry to give food away to those that were in need.

She had clothes to give away...
She was a community center within herself.
Mom, you are a Good Girl!
We honor you for your contribution to helping those in need around you!


Meet The 2019 Award Recipients

Good Girl Project Inc. gives honor to outstanding women for their resilience, remarkable achievements and commitment to enriching the lives of those in our communities.

"Giving Honor To Whom Honor is Due"


Pastor Gwendolyn Walker has served God and His people as a Pastor since 1991. She has had the honor and the privilege of being the Under shepherd of Light of the World Worship & Celebration Center since that time. 


She is also a well-known speechwriter in Central Ohio and writes for city officials and key public officials for special occasions. She is employed at Brookwood Academy and enjoys her work in the areas of human resources, facilitation and administration. She works with a gifted group of educators, serving families of children in grades 4 – 12, who work to overcome the challenges of autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and emotional and behavioral challenges. She currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Sankofa Project, a mentoring and education program for Columbus’ black youths ages 13 – 18.  She is on the Board of Directors for the Christian Women’s Leadership Alliance, Sister Friends and Breath of Life Ministries.


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