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The mission of Good Girl Project is to inspire girls and women to fulfill their hopes and dreams, to become leaders in their homes, careers, businesses, and communities through the identification, development,

and perfecting of their God-given

gifts and talents.


Good Girl Project, Inc. is a multi-dimensional consulting firm and social enterprise that supports causes that impacts girls and women.

We champion causes of domestic violence, human trafficking, mental health, homelessness

and child welfare.




Our Work

Mobilize Change

Cultivate Leaders

Develop Social-Emotional Intelligence

Our Impact


This organization brings out the best in people. The Founder & Owner Beverly not only is a fashion expert, but she pushes women to excellence and helps them transform from the inside-out. I love the work she is doing, to change our trajectory about the possibility of change after mistakes.

Debbie Harris

Beverly has helped me rediscover the Good Girl within me. During the time of us working together, she has stretched me from being a woman of potential to an actionable leader. I have grown personally as well as in my business. The strategies she has taught me have helped me to become more effective in my unique gifts.

Mamie Saunders

Everyone wants their day to heal, their day to shine, their day to be recognized, their day to be loved, their day to be free, their day to have their story told, their day for everyone to come to see them for who they are.


Far too often that day does not come along until we die, and all the good things said about us are never heard. We never smell the roses; I do not know why that is. Beverly Robinson and the Good Girl Awards Ceremony changed the narrative. Last night every good girl had her chance to shine in the most deserving way. The pulse of love and energy could be felt so strongly in the room. You could hear the sound of chains breaking and crashing to the floor as families healed and proper validation occurred, and ladies heard for the first time just what makes them special. Strangers wept in their seats as they soaked up the energy of change and humility. Often, we allow so many distractions of ego, fear, doubt, and pride to get in the way of pure unadulterated love. The task of pure love and honor was executed with the utmost excellence, grace, and beauty. Ms. Beverly Robinson, I want to personally thank you and salute you for putting on an amazing Inaugural Good Girl Awards Ceremony. I am so proud of you for stepping out and being amazing in your own right on your own terms, and simultaneously making everyone else feel spectacular. From guest to honoree, it was a pleasure all the way around. Congratulations I am still basking in it. I am clapping for you. You are Good Girl!!!

Nicole Simpson

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